Here's What Our Students Are Saying

Great Experience

“Very respectful, fun, and professional school as well as the people. I had a great experience here, and I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to start in this career!”

Katlin Shedd, Student

Highly Recommend The School

“I would highly recommend the school! I was taught everything I needed to pass the state exam! The staff and teachers were friendly and knowledgeable!”

Dana Gordon, Student

Wonderful Place

“This is a wonderful place to start to get a good knowledgeable understanding in Real Estate. The atmosphere and the willingness to truly want to help you and see you succeed is AMAZING!!”

Racquel Price, Student

A really great school, with knowledgeable and very experienced teachers.

“I enjoyed the 7 week course and I graduated feeling very prepared for the state licensing exam. They want to see you succeed as a student and in the Real Estate industry, and offer every opportunity to support the students. I highly recommend The Real Estate School of Georgia!”

Katrina Barman, Student

Extremely Happy

”Extremely happy to have a quality school in the Griffin, Spalding area. The Real Estate School of Georgia facility projects a very professional and modern classroom environment that provides a pleasant learning experience. The material is delivered by Professional Real Estate Instructors in a comprehensive yet relaxed, friendly manner that will well prepare the student for the State Licensing Exam.”

Kerry Jones, Student


“Everything about this school – from the classroom, instructors, material & owners – is phenomenal! Everyone genuinely wants to see all of the students succeed. If you’re looking for the right place to take your Pre-Licensing class, this is it!”

-Michaela Justice, Student

Thanks again!

“The school was clean and everything was always organized. Ray was the instructor and he was more than wonderful! They gave me all the knowledge and resources i needed to pass the class!“

Ashley Jones, Student

I loved taking the classes with Real Estate School of Georgia.

“The owners are an amazing couple that truly want you to succeed. The atmosphere is comfortable and makes you feel right at home. If you want to become an agent on the south side, this is the school for you!”

– Jessica Lackey , Student

Wonderful school!

“I just finished the 75 Hour Pre-License course and passed the final exam! Steve was a good instructor and made the class fun! Debbie and the staff are good too! Great place to learn real estate!”

– Dr. Melinda Ellis, Student

Great instructors, very informative, and affordable.

“I am fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to take my Real Estate Course at Real Estate School of Georgia, they provided me with all of the necessary training to pass my State Exam and start my career!”

– Audrey Morgan, Student

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