Real Estate School Of Georgia

Our Mission

Real Estate School of Georgia’s Mission is simple – We strive to give every student the best experience and environment to learn about the Real Estate world, equipping them with all the tools they might need to be as successful as possible in their individual Real Estate Careers. We hope to instill only the best qualities in each and every one of our students as they enter into the Real Estate World, setting them apart and setting them up for success!

Our Story

Real Estate School of Georgia Coordinator, Debbie Burge, and Director, Steve Burge, realized that the majority of Real Estate Schools in Georgia were located centrally to Atlanta, making it difficult for those individuals that live several miles away from the State’s Capital to attend any classes.

Their mission was to open a Real Estate School that was located conveniently for those who live South of Atlanta and provide a variety of excellent Real Estate education courses. In the Summer of 2019, their dreams came true! Real Estate School of Georgia officially opened its doors for classes on August 5 of 2019, setting all of their dreams and plans into motion. Real Estate School of Georgia provides an excellent education to those who are looking to pursue or further their careers in Real Estate.

Meet The Team

Real Estate School of Georgia is comprised of a team of wonderful and driven individuals. Take a look!


Steve Burge

Steve Burge

Founder & Director and State Certified Instructor 

Steve Burge is a Retired US Army Veteran and former Law Enforcement. He is the owner/broker of the Georgia Real Estate Team and a founder of the Real Estate School of Georgia. He is a state certified instructor approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

Debbie Burge

Debbie Burge

Founder & Coordinator

Debbie Burge has been in the Real Estate World for over 14 years. She is the owner and Associate Broker with the Georgia Real Estate Team. She is also the coordinator and founder of the Real Estate School of Georgia.

Kerry Jones

Kerry Jones

State Certified Instructor

Kerry is a State Certified Instructor and has been in the real estate world for many years.  He is also a Million Dollar Producer and recently received the “Realtor of the Year” Award.

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